Our History

2000: Experience from the outset

After 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of waste water treatment equipment, Giovanni Voltan decides to start a new activity with his 19-years-old son Roberto immediately after his high school diploma in Mechanics.

2002: Our first Exhibition

First presence at the exhibition SEP POLLUTION in Padova, Italy, to launch of the first little range of vertical agitators for chemico-physical WWTP and the VG100 volumetric dry feeder.

2003: Sep Emat Zagreb

<span style="color:green">2003</span>: Sep Emat Zagreb

Presence at the exhibition SEP EMAT in Zagreb, Croatia.

2004: Sep Pollution Padova

<span style="color:green">2004</span>: Sep Pollution Padova

Second presence at SEP POLLUTION in Padova, to launch the VG1000 volumetric dry feeder and the implementation of a range of vertical agitators.

2006: Change location

The firm move to a new location at Via dell’Artigianato, 23 Conselve (Padova), larger and well-equipped to face the increased manufacturing needs.

2007: Our workshop grows

Assimilation of a CNC Lathe Unit into the manufacturing department.

2011: Our know-how

PRO-DO-MIX acquire and refine a specific know-how in the design and manufacturing of agitators with high efficiency impellers.

2012: Our First IFAT

<span style="color:#1d971c">2012</span>: Our First IFAT

First presence at the exbition IFAT in Munich, Germany, to launch the new GreenLine and BlueLine of agitators up to 1500 m³  

2012: Manufacturing Breakthrough

Assimilation of a painting unit and a sandblasting unit into the manufacturing department.

2013: Uni En Iso

PRO-DO-MIX become UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by TÜV Rheinland®.

2014: A.P.P.L.E.

PRO-DO-MIX study and launch A.P.P.L.E. (Advanced Program Pilots Lack of Experience), a software that systematizes PRO-DO-MIX know-how in mixing technologies and makes it available online (

2014: IFAT Munich

<span style="color:#1d971c">2014</span>: IFAT Munich

The second presence at the exhibition IFAT in Munich, Germany, marks the consecration and strengthening of PRO-DO-MIX’s presence in the international market.

2014: Accadueo Bologna

Presence at the exhibition ACCADUEO in Bologna, Italy.

2014: Partnership with Chemineer – NOV

PRO-DO-MIX start a commercial partnership with NOV Process & Flow Technologies for the offical distribution of Chemineer, Kenics and Greerco products in Italy.

2015: Welding ISO 15609-1

PRO-DO-MIX’s welding team obtain the qualification according to EN ISO 15609-1 EN ISO 15614.1 by ICIM S.p.A.

2015: Our first flight to Dubai

<span style="color:#1d971c">2015</span>: Our first flight to Dubai

PRO-DO-MIX take part for the first time to WETEX Exhibition in Dubai, UAE, targeting a new market with huge potential.

2015: Oil & Gas B-to-B

First presence at mcT PETROLCHIMICO in Milano, Italy, a B-to-B event focused on the Oil&Gas industry.

2016: Bigger agitators, bigger place

<span style="color:#1d971c">2016</span>: Bigger agitators, bigger place

PRO-DO-MIX move to a new 1000 m² location at Via Prima Strada, 5 Conselve (Padova), to face the increased manufacturing, commercial and administrative tasks.

2016: Back to Iran

Presence at the International Oil Gas Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition in Tehran, Iran. PRO-DO-MIX met there old contacts and seized the opportunity to seek new ones, hosted by our Iranian partner Green Mile Co.

2016: IFAT Munich

<span style="color:#1d971c">2016</span>: IFAT Munich

Good and successful habits must be kept: PRO-DO-MIX is present for the third time at IFAT in Munich, Germany, well equipped with a brand new website and their latest success stories in Industrial and Municipal Waste Water.

2016: WETEX Dubai

PRO-DO-MIX strengthen its presence in Middle East and GCC area taking part to WETEX Exhibition in Dubai, UAE, for the second time, together with its official distributor Ghadeer Technology.

2017: Indian Ceramics Ahmedabad

We like challenges. PRO-DO-MIX take part for the first time to Indian Ceramics exhibition in Ahmedabad, India, presenting its experience in the ceramic industry in one of the world’s leading markets in the ceramic field.

2017: OMG Ravenna

PRO-DO-MIX present its product range for the Oil&Gas industry at the Offshore Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition in Ravenna, Italy.

2017: New challenges, new machinery

<span style="color:#1d971c">2017</span>: New challenges, new machinery

To face the increased production needs, PRO-DO-MIX bring into its workshop a 6-metre manual lathe as well as a new CNC tool machine.

2017: WETEX Dubai

<span style="color:#1d971c">2017</span>: WETEX Dubai

For the third time, PRO-DO-MIX have its own stand at the Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition in Dubai, enhancing our business in key GCC area and our partnership and cooperation with Ghadeer Technology, our local representative.

2017: ISO 9001:2015

PRO-DO-MIX renew UNI EN ISO certification and become 9001:2015 certified by TÜV Rheinland®.

2017: OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification

PRO-DO-MIX’s system and company procedures get certified according to BS OHSAS 18001 standard (Occupational Health and Safety Management).

2018: New ERP System

From January 1st 2018, PRO-DO-MIX have started using new ERP system, LibrERP, completely customized on our company needs, including and framing all company’s activities and procedures.

2018: Keramika Jakarta

PRO-DO-MIX take further steps into the ceramic market taking part to Keramika exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.

2018: Atex Agitators

We are never tired of improving and challenging ourselves: PRO-DO-MIX engineering team is ready to launch new range of ATEX certified agitators.

2018: IFAT Munich

<span style="color:#1d971c">2018</span>: IFAT Munich

For its fourth time, PRO-DO-MIX don’t miss the world’s leading event in waste water and environmental technologies.

2018: SIWW Singapore

<span style="color:#1d971c">2018</span>: SIWW Singapore

PRO-DO-MIX accept a new challenge: together with our local partner InnovEng, we participate to the 8th Singapore International Water Week, meeting major waste water industry actors from Singapore and as well as other countries.


<span style="color:#1d971c">2019</span>: TR CU CERTIFICATION FOR EXPORT TO RUSSIA

PRO-DO-MIX vertical agitators get TR CU certified 010 (safe area) and 012 (explosion proof), and EAC marked for export to Russia.

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Roberto Voltan, CEO