Liquid mixing equipment

Prepared polymers are used as a mean to remove particles in order to achieve coagulation and flocculation in both municipal and industrial water treatment. Polymers are also useful within sludge dewatering applications.

In the pre-treatment area, PRO-DO-MIX provide an efficient solution for liquid polymer preparation for flocculation. It consists of a fully automatic preparation system, used to produce a polymer solution through efficient mixing of liquid concentrated polyelectrolyte with water.

PRO-DO-MIX fully automated liquid polymer preparation unit has several advantages

  • minimal size
  • no need of digging
  • perfect preparation of the solution
  • reliability of the equipment
  • easy installation and start-up
  • maximum efficiency and minimal operator workload and product waste.


The system consists of a single tank made of polypropylene. It is divided into two chambers. The first one (preparation chamber) is equipped with PRO-DO-MIX slow speed mixer AVP.01022, the second one (maturation-storage tank) is equipped with level conductive switch, in order to manage liquid level.

The water inlet is equipped with pressure regulator and water meter, in order to achieve the correct water pressure and water flow.

The concentrated polyelectrolyte is taken with a mono pump or metering pump (according to the chosen option).

Each chamber has an outlet piping and the maturation-storage chamber has also a overflow piping, so that it is possible to empty one chamber at a time in case of an emergency.

The control panel is supplied either with electromechanical logic or PLC logic, with 5.7” touch screen display for parameters setup.

It is available only a versions, according to the production capacity: 1000 or 1500 litres.

PRO-DO-MIX liquid polymer preparation unit is conceived to handle polyelectrolyte solutions with concentration 0.1 to 0.5%. According to our experience, however, 0.15% is the optimal concentration for a polymer solution to be used in dewatering applications.


CV 1000

Outlet flow rate: 1000 l/h
Installed power: 0,4 kW
Weight (without liquid): 160kg
Inlet piping : 3/4"
Outlet piping: 11/2"

D: 1.050mm
H1: 1.550mm
H2: 2.000mm