Acrylic polymerization

Agitators for acrylic polymerization

Acrylic polymerization is a chemical process that requires very energetic agitation and generally takes place inside reactors usually made of thick aluminium.
The most frequent application of this process is aimed at the production of acrylic fibre, but recently also of polyacrylonitrile (PAN), precursor of the carbon fibres used to reinforce composite materials.

The agitators used for this purpose consist of two levels of impellers, usually type 3PM-1084 with high installed power.

In order not to disperse the gases contained inside the reactor, the agitators are equipped with both single and double flushed mechanical seals, with shut-off system to allow maintenance operations to be carried out in complete safety. The agitator and all the instruments are obviously ATEX certified.

Among our most interesting applications there are 4 agitators installed in the Jilin region in 35 m3 reactors and one in Russia in an 8 m3 reactor.

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Industrial Mixing Impellers

Three-blade impeller with high hydrodynamic profile. Within our industrial impeller models, it has the lowest torque for the same flow rate. Moreover, it can create the highest flow rate with the lowest peripheral speed.

It is perfect as flow-maker, for high head values in recirculation.

It can be manufactured with different diameters, 200 to 3500 mm.

A completely disassemblable option is available as well, to ease the entering through the tank manhole.


Other typical application