Certifications for the Russian market


In the past few years, the Russian market has become a benchmark for export activities.
A few years ago, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), whose members are the Russian Federation, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kirghizstan, has made the EAC certification and marking mandatory for industrial and consumer goods.
From April 2019, our vertical agitators are TR CU-certified, both for the safety of machinery (TR CU 010) and ATEX areas (TR CU 012).
Many of these countries feature shallow temperatures, which can even reach -49 °C.
That’s why, for outdoor installations, we mount a heating element around the reducer to keep the oil temperature close to 0°C.
Heating element and thermostats are all EAC-certified. Then we install a Rockwool-insulated box.
The motors available on the market are already certified to withstand temperatures between -49 and +40°C.

Besides the EAC certification and marking, we provide the technical passport, the use and maintenance manual, and special identification plates in Russian.

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