Polyelectrolyte preparation systems

Agitators for polypreparators

Polyelectrolyte preparation systems

PRO-DO-MIX® produces polyelectrolyte preparation systems that can be used in various industrial fields.
These systems, also known as polypreparators, can be used to prepare polymers starting from products available commercially as:

> Concentrated emulsions;
> Powders.

In both cases, it is necessary to process them through a system that prepares a diluted solution directly on site – to allow adequate feeding to the water treatment process.

Main features

> Production starting from liquid, powder products or both;
> Adjustment of finished product concentration from 0.1 to 1%;
> Standard production from 350 to 8000 l/h;
> Tank in polypropylene or AISI304 steel;
> Standard version with electromechanical control panel with manual adjustment of water and concentrated product;
> Advanced version with integrated PLC;
> Version up to 500 l/h with 2 tanks (dilution tank, curing/storage tank) or 3 tanks (dilution tank, curing tank, storage tank);
> Bigger sized versions with 3 tanks (dilution tank, curing tank, storage tank).

Typical applications

Preparation of polymers

Preparation of polymers

The polymer preparation phase is a fundamental preliminary step for the correct [...]

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