Ceramic, Mining and Concrete

Cement and concrete mixers

Within our unlimited range, we have your solution

Whether you are operating in a mine or ceramic area, processing plant or servicing, PRO-DO-MIX can help out in all processes that require mixing and storage of heavy slurry, ceramic slip and ceramic glaze.

PRO-DO-MIX can supply heavy duty equipment and services for mining as well as ceramic industry by utilizing industry leading processes and mechanical design technology.

In the ceramic field we have worked with designers, engineers and end-users to replace existing old-designed “gate” mixers with innovative vertical agitators that combine treatment performances with superior energy efficiency and good value.

We have a full range of industrial agitators for ceramic, mining and concrete. Check out our SilverLine for technical details about all available models

Technical range:

Installed power: 1,5kW – 45kW
Operation: geared motor, pneumatic or hydraulic drive, ATEX
Mounting: IEC motor flange, square base plate, welded house bearing, DN flange PN10/16, ASME flange ASA150/300
Bearing: with or without extra bearing
Shaft seal: radial seal (lip seal), packing seal, labyrinth seal, single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal
Shaft: solid bar, seamless pipe, lengths of up to 10 m (freehanging), shafts Ø20 – Ø270 mm, in more parts flanged
Impellers: size and type depend on the customer’s process, visit our page
Option: bottom support bearing to stabilize the shaft
Moc: carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, DUPLEX, different lining

Typical installations:

- heavy slurry mixing and storage
- ceramic slip preparation
- ceramic glaze preparation
- cement grout storage
- solvent extraction
- mud agitator
- leaching tanks
- precipitation tanks
- mixing tanks