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Industrial Waste Water

Vertical mixers for wastewater treatment

Within our unlimited range, we have your solution

PRO-DO-MIX provide reliable mixing solutions for industrial waste water applications. In chemico-physical plants the presence of a vertical agitator is essential for the preparation of several reagents and their subsequencial integration in the main process.

Our successful state of the art impeller technology and robust mechanical principles are integrated into our proprietary design software, A.P.P.L.E., used whenever selecting and designing water and waste water mixing solutions.


Technical range:

Installed power: 0,09kW – 45kW
Operation: geared motor, direct motor, pneumatic drive, ATEX
Mounting: IEC motor flange, square base plate, welded house bearing, DN flange PN10/16, ASME flange ASA150/300
Bearing: with or without extra bearing
Shaft seal: radial seal (lip seal), packing seal, labyrinth seal, single mechanical seal
Shaft: solid bar, seamless pipe, lengths of up to 10 m (freehanging), shafts Ø20 – Ø270 mm, in more parts flanged
Impellers: size and type depend on the customer’s process, visit our page
Option: bottom support bearing to stabilize the shaft
Moc: carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, DUPLEX, different lining

Typical installations:

- pH control
- continuous pH setting
- lime milk preparation and storage up to 35% solid concentration
- polyelectrolyte preparation and maturation up to 2 g/l
- pseudoplastic viscosity up to 6500 cPs
- preparation of chemical commercial solutions (reagents, antifoam, antiscalant, neutralizing amine and biocide preparation and storage)
- dissolution of solids (e.g. sodium sulphate crystals or aluminium, SMBS, copperas, Fe or Mg sulphates, other sulphates, Ca salts, Na n-sulphites, potassium permanganate, sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3, etc.)
- acidification or alkalization
- carbon preparation
- coagulation
- boron abatement
- bentonite suspension preparation
- activated silica suspension preparation
- homogenisation