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Municipal Waste Water

Innovative agitators for wastewater treatment

Within our unlimited range, we have your solution

Clean water is essential to people and environments all over the world. The main function of municipal waste water treatment plants is to treat the waste to remove chemical and biological contaminants prior to discharging into the environment.

PRO-DO-MIX’s vertical agitators are employed throughout the treatment process, by providing effective solutions for wastewater collection and treatment focused on safety, reliability, and efficiency.

PRODOMIX' innovative agitators combine treatment performance with superior energy efficiency.

By distributing NOV products, we can also provide Kenics static mixers for additives dosing in presence of large volumes of water.

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Technical range:

Installed power: 0,09kW – 45kW
Operation: geared motor, direct motor, pneumatic drive, ATEX
Mounting: IEC motor flange, square base plate, welded house bearing, DN flange PN10/16, ASME flange ASA150/300
Bearing: with or without extra bearing
Shaft seal: radial seal (lip seal), packing seal, labyrinth seal, single mechanical seal
Shaft: solid bar, seamless pipe, lengths of up to 10 m (freehanging), shafts Ø20 – Ø270 mm, in more parts flanged
Impellers: size and type depend on the customer’s process, visit our page
Option: bottom support bearing to stabilize the shaft
Moc: carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, DUPLEX, different lining

Typical installations:

- rapid / flash mixing
- flocculation
- nitrification / denitrification
- denitrification with use of suspended carriers (carriers specific gravity > 1) biofilm (e.g. moving bed)
- flow maker
- digester (aerobic / anaerobic)
- aeration
- equalization
- sludge conditioning up to 50 g/l
- sludge thickening
- storm water tank