Denitrification agitator in 1400 m3 Tank with 30 g/l Solid Concentration

This is a civil biological waste water plant with a 950 m3 homogenization basin and a 1400 m3 denitrification basin, dimension 31.6 x 7.3 x 7 m (W x L x H), constant liquid level 6 m. The maximum solid concentration is 30 g/l.

PRO-DO-MIX’s proposal are 2 mixers to be installed in the same denitrification basin, model BEL.A1262.Q.500.

The mixers’ drive unit is composed of a 11 kW motor and industrial planetary gearbox. They have been manufactured with a 3PM-0030 high efficiency impeller, diameter 2600 mm. This type of impeller can guarantee an optimal mixing with just 6 w/m3 power consumption.

INDUSTRY: Municipal Waste Water
APPLICATION: Denitrification with 30 g/l Solid Concentration
LOCATION: Northern Italy
YEAR: 2010
VOLUME: 900 m3
IMPELLER: 3PM-0030 Evolution