PRO-DO-MIX have been asked to design an agitator to be used for a dissolution of solid chemicals in water. The dimension of the tank is 3.6 m diameter, 4.5 m height, with a liquid level of 4 m.

The products to be dissolved are zinc chloride ZnCl2 (800 g/l) and ammonium chloride NH4Cl (450 g/l). The liquid density is 1.05 kg/dm3 and the working temperature range is 30°C to 60°C.

PRO-DO-MIX’s proposal is a vertical mixer model ACT.30131.L.300.

The mixer’s drive unit is composed of a 3 kW motor and coaxial gearbox. The 3PM-0134 “Hurricane” high-efficiency impeller has 1300 mm diameter is perfectly suitable to create high flow rate and working very near to the tank bottom. Therefore, the agitator is perfectly suitable for operation during filling and emptying of the tank, as requested by the customer.

All mixer’s wetted parts are anti-abrasive rubber (ebonite) lined, 4 mm thickness.

INDUSTRY: Industrial Waste Water
APPLICATION: Dissolution of Chemical Reagents
YEAR: 2016
VOLUME: 45 m3
IMPELLER: 3PM-0134 Hurricane