Equalization in a 2000 m3 Basin

This is a concrete basin, 18 m diameter and 8 m height, with a flat bottom. The water depth changes from 3 to 7,5 m. The medium is active sludge, coming from different waste water treatment plants. The aim is to equalize the sludge before it goes into the belt filter press. The average percentage of dry solids is 6%, sludge volume index (SVI) ≥ 80 l/kg.

PRO-DO-MIX’s proposal are two vertical mixers installed in the same tank, model BEL.A1245.Q.740 / S.

The mixers’ drive unit is composed of a 11 kW motor and an industrial planetary gearbox.

The mixers have been manufactured with a one-piece 7400 mm long shaft and a 3-blade high efficiency impeller, 2400 mm diameter. All wetted parts are made of SS 304.

A Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis (CFD) has been carried out by an external engineering company, in order to validate and certify our solution to the end user. The real performances of the mixers in operation, with a power density of 9 w/m3, have confirmed the result of the CFD.

INDUSTRY: Industrial Waste Water
APPLICATION: Equalization
LOCATION: The Netherlands
YEAR: 2016
VOLUME: 2000 m3
IMPELLER: 3PM-0030 Evolution