Primary Flocculation in Drinking Water Treatment Plant: Very Delicate Flocs

This is PRO-DO-MIX’s mixer model GCR.15202.Q.440, installed in a 65 m3 concrete tank.

The impeller diameter is 2000 mm, and the speed of the mixer can be changed through a manual variator 5 to 20 rpm. The motor power is 1.5 kW.

For a correct flocculation, important conditions to be respected are:

  • To prevent the floc breakup and therefore to use a profiled impeller able to create high flow rate without creating turbulence.
  • A peripheral speed not exceeding 1.5 m/s (our impeller may reach 2 m/s in flocculation without breaking the flocs).
  • The suspension of flocs must be bottom-up, to allow the growth of the flocs within the liquid mass.

INDUSTRY: Municipal Waste Water
APPLICATION: Primary Flocculation
LOCATION: Coatzintla, Mexico
YEAR: 2012
VOLUME: 65 m3
IMPELLER: 2PM-0650 Premium