Greerco mixers, homogenizers, colloid mills



Greerco offers a full range of high shear mixers, engineered to handle many applications within different industries with easy installation, minimal maintenance costs, reliable continuous operations throughout the years and incomparable process results.

Greerco includes:

  • Colloid Mills, for batch or continuous flow, both vertical and horizontal mounted
  • Pipeline Mixers, for continuous flow inline
  • Homogenizers, tank mounted high shear mixers for batch or continuous flow.


Greerco mixers are ideal for difficult applications and are designed to dramatically reduce process times. They can be simple or multistage, and can be available in both industrial and sanitary models, from laboratory to production scale.

All of them are conceived to be versatile and easily adaptable to each process need. Greerco high shear mixers are perfect for emulsion, dispersions, solids incorporation, in different industries, including chemicals, polymers, food and beverage, biopharma, oil & gas, etc.