Heavy Slurry Stirrer - multiple impeller

• The multiple impellers design is particularly suitable to fit all vat geometries (high, narrow tank)
• Perfect for concrete, slurry and to deal with very high specific gravity and viscosity as well as in presence of blocks of product (“icebergs”)
• The mixing power is spread into the whole vat and the mixing regime can be turbulent when needed, with high transfer
• That results in easy block break-up, good homogenization and no product sedimentation


 PicturekWrpmL max. mmimpeller typeimpeller D mm
SCL.30101.Q.250 / 2139825003PM-00302x1050
SCL.40111.Q.290 / 2149129003PM-00302x1150
SCL.40121.Q.250 / 2148425003PM-00302x1200
SCL.40131.Q.320 / 2147332003PM-00302x1300
SCL.40141.Q.250 / 2147325003PM-00302x1350
SEL.55141.Q.370 / 225,56937003PM-00302x1450
SEL.55161.Q.280 / 225,56228003PM-00302x1550
SEL.55161.Q.400 / 225,55940003PM-00302x1600
SEL.55181.Q.280 / 225,54928003PM-00302x1800
SEL.75181.Q.420 / 227,55342003PM-00302x1800
SEL.75191.Q.280 / 227,54928003PM-00302x1900
SEL.75211.Q.470 / 227,54247003PM-00302x2050
SEL.75211.Q.380 / 227,54238003PM-00302x2050
SEL.92201.Q.490 / 229,24949003PM-00302x2000
SEL.92221.Q.380 / 229,24238003PM-00302x2150
SEL.92221.Q.470 / 229,24247003PM-00302x2200
SEL.92221.Q.390 / 229,24239003PM-00302x2200
SEL.92231.Q.480 / 229,24048003PM-00302x2270
SEL.92241.Q.380 / 22113638003PM-00302x2400
SEL.A1281.Q.450 / 22113045003PM-00302x2800
SEL.A5271.Q.450 / 22113645003PM-00302x2700
SEL.A8281.Q.400 / 22113640003PM-00302x2800
SEL.A8291.Q.440 / 22113644003PM-00302x2850