Homogenisation in Wine Sewage Storage Tank

This is a 850 m3 storage tank in a waste water treatment plant, 15,8 m diameter and 7,05 m total height, constant liquid level 4,3 m. Maximum density of the medium: 1,05 kg/l and viscosity 10 cPs.

The main problem in the application is the presence of fibres and woods from the wine production. A small pressure is created inside the tank, due to the production of gases that cause odours going outside the tank as well.

PRO-DO-MIX’s proposal is one mixer, model GPB.55262.S.550 to be installed near to the pumps intake point.

The mixers’ drive unit is composed of a 5,5 kW motor and a bevel gearbox.

The mixers have been manufactured with a 3PM-0242 high efficiency “self-cleaning” impeller, 2600 mm diameter. This impeller model has been selected in order to prevent the creation of blocks of fibres around the impeller hub. That could clog the impeller and overload the shaft, neutralizing the mixing effect.

A simple hydraulic seal has been included, to prevent gas leakage and odour emission.

INDUSTRY: Industrial Waste Water
APPLICATION: Homogenisation
LOCATION: Northern Italy
YEAR: 2013
VOLUME: 850 m3
IMPELLER: 3PM-0242 Master