This product is suitable to fit Standard Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) with 150 mm screw cap. PRO-DO-MIX can offer a range of mixers aimed at chemical preparation directly inside IBCs.

After a period of storage, the content of an IBC container often requires to be mixed. With our LBC agitator, a few minutes of mixing is sufficient to make the products completely homogeneous.

The special folding impeller has been designed to fit through a 150 mm screw cap. The agitator can be supplied with electrical or air motor, according to the user needs. Wetted parts are manufactured 316 stainless steel.

These agitators are designed to be used in several industries, not only in chemicals.

INDUSTRY: Chemical
LOCATION: various
YEAR: various
VOLUME: 1 m3
IMPELLER: 4PBT Folding Impeller - Collapsible