Powder dosing in a polyelectrolyte preparation system

Polyelectrolyte preparation is a very common process in chemical-physical plants. In a volumetric dry feeder, thanks to the mixer, the powder is kept in constant mixing inside the homogenization chamber, while the open screw doses the product externally. The exit pipe is heated by a heater at a constant temperature of 30°C.

The hoppers are available from 30 up to 100 litres.

The pictures show that level switches can also be installed.

Our volumetric dry feeder model VG100 is able to guarantee a constant and accurate dosing with different flow rates, from few litres per hour to 100 l/h, according to the chosen screw.

INDUSTRY: Industrial Waste Water
APPLICATION: Polyelectrolyte Preparation
LOCATION: various
YEAR: various
FLOW RATE: up to 100 l/h