The silos, 2.5 m diameter, 11 m height, is aimed at mining sludge storage for “Crossrail Project” in Oxford Street, London, UK. The storage feeds a filter press. PRO-DO-MIX’s proposal is a single vertical mixer, model GEC.30123.A.A00 / 3, with an industrial planetary gearbox with AGMA service factor >3.

The mixer is supposed to be operating for a maximum time of 2 years, therefore we have opted to manufacture this mixer with carbon steel wetted parts in order to optimise costs.
The agitator is composed of 3 impellers, model 3PM-1084 Excellent, 1200 mm diameter, and a 3-pieces shaft with PTFE bottom bearing to prevent wobbling.

INDUSTRY: Mining and Ceramic
APPLICATION: Mining Sludge Storage
YEAR: 2012
VOLUME: 50 m
IMPELLER: 3 x 3PM-1084 Excellent