Sodium silicate homogenization agitator (Na2O3Si)

The mixer is installed in a carbon steel tank, 2.9 m diameter, 3.2 m cylindrical height, elliptical top and bottom, with an external heating coil. The product density is 1.6 kg/dm3, maximum temperature 100 °C. The reaction is vacuum.

The customer’s request aimed at an agitator to keep the solution homogenized to allow the heat exchange.

PRO-DO-MIX designed a special GVL mixer with electric 7.5 kW motor and orthogonal axis gearbox. A special welded house bearing has been manufactured to contain a stuffing box with internal cooling and pressure valve. In case of maintenance, the stuffing box can be replaced without need to disassemble the shaft.

For logistical reasons, the mixer is composed of a 3-pieces shaft to be easily introduced into the tank. The two high efficiency 3PM-0030 EVOLUTION impellers are divided in 3 parts as well, to allow the entering through the tank manhole.

INDUSTRY: Chemical
APPLICATION: Sodium Silicate Homogenization
YEAR: 2012
VOLUME: 22 m3