Homogenization in Italy

3 agitators are used in 3 tanks suitable for the homogenization of 1,000 m3 of wastewater with a concentration of solids up to 80 g/l – for the production of biogas from civil organic waste. The dimensions are 12 x 10 x 9.4 m (L x W x H), the liquid level is 8.4 m. PRO-DO-MIX® has supplied 3 agitators of its GoldenLine model GPL.A5350.S.800.
Due to the high level of liquid inside the tank, we decided to equip the agitator with a high efficiency 3PM-0030 impeller, with a diameter of 3,500 mm, which guarantees excellent cleaning of the bottom of the tank while pushing the sludge towards the top of the tank – thanks to a high recycling rate with only 10 w/m3 energy consumption.
This solution was preferred to the installation of submerged mixers, because it guarantees perfect cleaning of the bottom and no dead zones in the corners.

The control unit is composed with a 15 kW motor and an industrial series parallel axis gearbox, capable of supporting the thrusting action of an impeller located at a 8,000 mm distance from the mounting flange.
The length of the shaft has dictated the engineering choice of splitting the shaft into 2 parts: this facilitated transport, installation and maintenance operations.

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Giranti con alto profilo idrodinamico

Il gradiente di velocità interno della girante Evolution è costante dal centro fino all’esterno della pala.
Questo tipo di girante permette l’installazione di una girante con un grande diametro molto vicino al fondo del serbatoio.

Questo rende Evolution perfetta per applicazioni che richiedano un funzionamento in continuo dell’agitatore, anche durante lo svuotamento del serbatoio.


Diametri disponibili da 1650 a 3500 mm

Disponibile una versione smontabile in 3 parti


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