Agitators Nomenclature

Agitators Nomenclature
Options Nomenclature

Instructions for the decoding of our vertical agitators’ features

Each letter and number of the agitator’s name corresponds to a given feature of the mixer: agitator range, drive unit, impeller type, installed power, impeller diameter, a code for internal use only, material of wetter parts MOC, shaft length.

In the given example, the GPL-15 16 1- S-300 corresponds to a Golden Line agitator (agitator for special applications), with parallel axes/bevel gearbox and a 3PM-0030 high-efficiency evolution impeller. Its installed power is appropriate for a motor or 1,5 kW and the impeller diameter is 16 cm. The material of the wetter parts MOC is stainless steel 316L, while number 300 stands for the shaft length (calculated in cm).

G P L   15 16 1   S 300     Options

AGreen Line Agitator

BBlue Line Agitator

SSilver Line Agitator Ceramic Mining Concrete

GGolden Line agitator Special Application

XATEX Line agitator up to zone II 2G c IIB T4 (Tamb= -20°C +40°C) / II2D c IIIB T135°C)

DDirect drive

LDirect drive with lantern house bearing support

VWorm gearbox

CCoaxial gearbox

PParallel axis / bevel gearbox

HHortogonal axis gearbox

EPlanetary gearbox with lantern bearing

AAnchor Impeller

B3PM-0242 High-Efficiency Master impeller

C3PM-1084 High-Efficiency Excellent impeller

FTurbo Propeller

HMarine Propeller

L3PM-0030 High-Efficiency Evolution impeller

P4PBT45° 4 Pitched blades turbine

S2PBT45° 2 Pitched blades turbine

R2PM-0650 High-Efficiency Premium impeller

T3PM-0134 High-Efficiency Hurricane impeller

XCowles Propeller

00For a motor of 0,09 or 0,12kW

01For a motor of 0,18kW

02For a motor of 0,25kW

03For a motor of 0,37kW

05For a motor of 0,55kW

07For a motor of 0,75kW

11For a motor of 1,1kW

15For a motor of 1,5kW

22For a motor of 2,2kW

30For a motor of 3kW

40For a motor of 4kW

55For a motor of 5,5kW

75For a motor of 7,5kW

92For a motor of 9,2kW

A1For a motor of 11kW

A5For a motor of 15kW

A8For a motor of 18,5kW

B2For a motor of 22kW

C0For a motor of 30kW

C7For a motor of 37kW

D5For a motor of 45kW

External diameter; i.e. dia. 850 mm = 08 dm (turbine and impeller)

diameter 128 mm = 13 cm (propeller)

ACarbon Steel

QSS 304L

SSS 316L

PPP lining

RABCITE lining

LEBONITE / rubber lining


VPVC lining


XAny other MOC / lining option

from drive unit flange to bottom part of impeller(cm)

Instructions for the decoding of our vertical agitators’ options

Each vertical agitator might come with several options in terms of sealing, drive unit, lubrication, mechanical features, painting. In order to have a clear understanding of the agitators’ options, please follow the provided table.

In the given example, if the agitator’s name contains the strings of letters OLXBVY, it means that it has a lip seal-radial haft seal and no motor (meaning that the motor needs to be supplied by the customer). Moreover, lubrication must be carried out with special oil according to the customer’s specs. As for mechanical option, it has a square base plate; as for painting, it is characterized by special paint according to our internal procedure.

    O L X B V Y

EPP sealing flange with V-ring

OLip seal - radial shaft seal

TStuffing box

NSingle mechanical seal

QDouble mechanical seal

Standard version = compact motor, MOC aluminum, IP55

LWithout motor (motor supplied by customer)

CIEC motor

AIEC motor, MOC cast iron

IVFD electronic variable speed motor

HManual speed variator

MSingle phase motor


RHeating resistance

SPTC thermistors


Standard = synthetic oil VG220

XSpecial oil(food grade or mineral) according to customer specs.

GSS 304 rigid coupling

BSquare base plate

DDN or ASA standard flange

KDisassemblable impeller

FFood grade wetted parts(Ra<0,8)

ZPTFE bottom steady bearing to be welded

2Number of impellers

Standard RAL 6017 green 40-70µm total DFT (Dry Film Thickness)

VSpecial paint according to our internal procedure (C5-M, C5-I)

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Vertical Agitators

A.P.P.L.E is our proprietary software for vertical agitator selection, very simple to use, conceived to enable all users to size the most suitable agitator according to their application needs, just by providing tank and process data.
Thanks to our up-to-date database A.P.P.L.E can suggest a mixing custom-cut solution real-time.