IBC agitators nomenclature

Instructions for the decoding of IBC agitators’ features

Each letter and number of the agitator’s name corresponds to a given feature of the mixer: agitator range, drive unit, impeller type, installed power, impeller diameter and material of wetter parts MOC.

In the given example, the PRO.IBC.DH.15161.P corresponds to a fast agitator without gearbox and a marine propeller. Its installed power is appropriate for a motor or 1,5 kW and the impeller diameter is 160 cm. The material of the wetter parts MOC is polipropilene. The agitator is mounted on a structure MOC AISI 304 to be bolted to the tank.

PRO.IBC . D H . 15 16 1 . P / Options
  • D Direct drive
  • V Worm gearbox
  • C Coaxial gearbox
  • H Marine propeller
  • P 4PBT45° 4 pitched foldables blades turbine
  • 07 Motor 0,75 kW / Pneumatic motor 1 HP
  • 11 Motor 1,1 kW
  • 15 Motor 1.5 kW / Pneumatic motor 2 HP
  • Ø (open / close) 400 / 90 mm = 04 dm (foldable turbine)
  • Ø 160 mm = 16 cm (marine propeller)
  • S SS 316L
  • P PP lining
  • Z Duplex SAF2205
  • X Super duplex SAF2507

Instructions for the decoding of our IBC agitators’ features

Each IBC agitator might come with several options in terms of drive unit, painting or others. In order to have a clear understanding of the agitators’ options, please follow the provided table.

  • Number of installed impellers, if nothing is indicated the impeller is 1
  • Mechanical manual speed variator
  • 3 x thermistors, T max = 155°C
  • Pneumatic motor with air flowmeter
  • Standard = RAL 6017 green 40-70μm total DFT (Dry Film Thickness)