Vertical agitators and volumetric dry feeder in Belgium and Netherlands

Are you looking for vertical agitators and volumetric dry feeder in Belgium and Netherlands? PRO-DO-MIX® has chosen CGK GROUP BV as its official distributor, as we share the same technical skills and corporate values. Being closer to our international clients allows us to ensure efficient and immediate service. The wide range of PRO-DO-MIX® vertical agitators available at CGK GROUP BV will meet all your needs!

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Where we are:

  • Westlaan 7, 8560 Gullegem, Belgium (headoffice)
    For Belgium:  Reinder Verscheure – Sales Engineer
     Tim De Buck – Business Unit Manager
  • 2420 Nieuwkoop, The Netherlands
    For the Netherlands: Thijs van Rijn – External Sales

  • Schouwensstraat 1, 2030 Antwerpen, Belgium

Website: www.cgk-group.com/chemicals

Why did we choose CGK GROUP BV?

The partnership between PRO-DO-MIX® and CGK Group BV started over 10 years ago. We choose our distributors with care and attention. CGK Group BV is based in Belgium and Netherlands and specialises in plastic tanks. The successful collaboration with this company has led us to manufacture tanks fitted with vertical agitators, thus obtaining 100% customised solutions.

Tank with a PRO-DO-MIX® vertical agitator

PRO-DO-MIX® and CGK Group BV came up with an innovative solution combining vertical agitators and tanks to meet various requirements. The result is a plastic tank fitted with a vertical agitator.

PRO-DO-MIX® agitators go far beyond the standard. In addition to the thousands of vertical agitators within our GreenLine and BlueLine, we can offer a broad range of custom-cut configurations to fulfil special applications in several industries. The same applies to CGK tanks, which can also adapt to any need.
Sometimes, clients ask for an agitator whose tank volumes and dimensions are not optimal for agitation. As a solution, we have combined these two products to create a tank fitted with a PRO-DO-MIX® vertical agitator, which can be applied to various industries, such as:

  • Preparation of chemicals: chemical preparation often requires mixing, which can vary depending on the preparation stage.
  • Flocculation: this process is crucial since liquids must be gently agitated (by means of impellers) to prevent compromising suspended polyelectrolyte flakes.
  • Wastewater treatment: we developed a wide range of agitators (GreenLine and BlueLine) to cover the needs of wastewater treatment chemical plants, from flash mixing to flocculation, and from neutralisation to coagulation
  • Limewater preparation: this process is extremely common in chemical-physical plants. This process consists in preparing limewater from lime powder inside the mixer

If you’re in Belgium and Netherlands, buy certified PRO-DO-MIX® products from CGK GROUP BV!

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