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Vertical agitators, submersible mixers, and surface aerators in Qatar

Are you looking for vertical agitators, submersible mixers, and surface aerators in Qatar? PRO-DO-MIX® has chosen Shotec Gulf as its official distributor, as we share the same technical skills and corporate values. Being closer to our international clients allows us to ensure efficient and immediate service. The wide range of PRO-DO-MIX® agitators and feeders available at Shotec Gulf Trading will meet all your needs!

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Where we are: Building No. 63, 2nd Floor, Office No. 14, 251 Al Amir Street, Freej Al ‎Soudan, PO BOX 148‎ Doha, ‎State of Qatar.‎

Contact person: Mr. Mohamed Elhaddad – Technical Sales Manager

Website: http://www.shoteco.com/

Why did we choose Shotec Gulf Trading?

PRO-DO-MIX® chose Shotec Gulf Trading as its official distributor in Qatar in June 2021, consolidating its partnership in 2022. The Shotec Gulf Trading team has a solid background in wastewater treatment and the Oil & Gas sectors.

PRO-DO-MIX® agitation technologies in Qatar

We provide our clients in Qatar with reliable, long-lasting, efficient, and customised agitation technologies. Every PRO-DO-MIX® solution can be modified based on your needs, giving life to an unlimited range of vertical agitators, submersible mixers, and surface aerators.


Agitation technologies for the Oil & Gas sector

Qatar is the world’s leading producer of LNG. This aspect allows us to rely on our expertise to develop agitation technologies for the Oil & Gas sector. In the petrochemical industry, the wide range of ATEX-certified PRO-DO-MIX® products ensures efficiency, regardless of the applicati

Wastewater treatment in Qatar

Qatar is an ever-growing country focusing on industrial development. In the last few years, PRO-DO-MIX® has started several projects concerning industrial wastewater treatment. Water is used in the production process of most industrial sectors. That’s why adopting water-mixing solutions in chemical-physical plants is a necessity. Vertical agitators with coated shafts and impellers are the most requested products on the market.

Agitation technologies for EPC Contractors

PRO-DO-MIX® in Qatar addresses EPC Contractors (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) who are becoming increasingly requested in the municipal wastewater treatment and Oil & Gas sectors, especially in the Middle Eastern market.
EPC is an acronym indicating the supply of a complex service system from a contractor specialised in engineering services. The contractor develops the project, becoming a one-stop shop.
Our Shotec Gulf Trading retailer supplies all PRO-DO-MIX® for EPC Contractor projects!

Our clients

Major companies from the wastewater treatment and Oil & Gas sectors in Qatar have chosen our products:

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