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Vertical agitators in Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for vertical agitators in Saudi Arabia? PRO-DO-MIX® has chosen Ghadeer Technology Trading Company as its official distributor, as we share the same technical skills and corporate values. Being closer to our international clients allows us to ensure efficient and immediate service. The wide range of PRO-DO-MIX® vertical agitators will meet all your needs!

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Where we are: Najd, Dhahrat Laban, Riyadh 13783, Arabia Saudita

Contact person: Mr Mutaz Aqeel

Website: http://ghadeergroup.com/


Why did we choose Ghadeer Technology Trading Company?

PRO-DO-MIX® and Ghadeer Technology Trading Company (GTCO) have been collaborating for more than ten years, given the solid friendship between Roberto Voltan and Mutaz Aqeel, the owners of the two companies. Distance has never been a hindrance. The numerous meetings in Riyadh, Dubai and Padua allowed us to share opinions and the latest agitation and mixing technologies.

Ghadeer Technology Trading Company (GTCO) is a Saudi company based in Riyadh. It specialises in supplying, installing, and servicing equipment for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Its extensive experience in this field ensures prompt support from a team of expert engineers and technicians.

PRO-DO-MIX® mixing technologies in Saudi Arabia

GTCO is PRO-DO-MIX’s distributor in Saudi Arabia and provides its clients with:

PRO-DO-MIX® agitators go far beyond the standard. In addition to the thousands of standard agitators within our GreenLine and BlueLine, we can offer a broad range of custom-cut configurations to fulfil special applications in several industries.

PRO-DO-MIX® agitators are optimal solutions for mixing liquids in tanks up to 1500 m3 by using one agitator only.

Our PRO-DO-MIX® team supervises and analyses the projects to ensure the best solution and install new machines in cooperation with Ghadeer Technology Trading Company.

Agitators for municipal wastewater treatment in Saudi Arabia

Many human activities produce effluent, also known as wastewater. The contaminants, i.e. the polluting substances contained in it, must be removed to prevent them from dispersing into the environment.

GTCO distributes PRO-DO-MIX® vertical agitators, submersible mixers, and mixing technologies for municipal wastewater treatment in Saudi Arabia.

Clariflocculator in drinking water treatment plant

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The following companies in Saudi Arabia have chosen our products for treating municipal wastewater:


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