Municipal waste water

Primary flocculation in drinking water treatment plants

Many human activities lead to the production of waste effluents, the so-called waste water, which requires the removal of contaminants, i.e. all those organic and inorganic substances and pollutants that must be eliminated before effluents are discharged into the environment – producing disastrous effects.

PRO-DO-MIX® agitators are widely used in every phase of the water treatment process: thanks to their performance levels, they are not only a safe and reliable solution for water collection and treatment, but also efficient energy saving, and at the same time, highly environment-friendly tools.

Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with the fluid mixing giant NOV/Chemineer, PRO-DO-MIX® can offer products capable of meeting every production need, allowing Kenics static mixer to be integrated in systems for mixing chemicals using large volumes of water.

Technical range

  • Installed power: 0,09 ÷ 45kW
  • Operation: geared motor, direct motor, pneumatic drive, ATEX
  • Mounting: IEC motor flange, square base plate, welded house bearing, DN flange PN10/16, ASME flange ASA150/300
  • Bearing: with or without extra bearing
  • Shaft seal: radial seal (lip seal), packing seal, labyrinth seal, single mechanical seal
  • Shaft: solid bar, seamless pipe, lengths of up to 10 m (freehanging), shafts Ø20 – Ø270 mm, in more parts flanged
  • Impellers: size and type depend on the customer’s process, visit our page
  • Option: bottom support bearing to stabilize the shaft
  • Moc: carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, SAF2205, different lining
  • Typical installations

  • rapid / flash mixing
  • flocculation
  • nitrification / denitrification
  • denitrification with use of suspended carriers (carriers specific gravity > 1) biofilm (e.g. moving bed)
  • flow maker
  • digester (aerobic / anaerobic)
  • aeration
  • equalization
  • sludge conditioning up to 50 g/l
  • sludge thickening
  • storm water tank
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