Preparation of polymers

Agitators for polypreparators

The polymer preparation phase is a fundamental preliminary step for the correct balancing of waste water treatment, as it reduces chemical product waste and ensures correct production of slurry.

Our polypreparators can work with liquid and/or powder form polymers, which are processed through two or three consecutive stages.
In the powder version, the polyelectrolyte is continuously dosed by means of a volumetric powder batcher; dosing can take place directly in the first tank of the system or inside a PVC mixer which allows a perfect and more homogeneous dissolution in water.
The preparation and curing tanks are equipped with vertical agitators, the storage tank can be equipped with the same devices on request.
In the liquid version, the emulsion is dosed by a volumetric pump in the homogenisation tank; in this case, there can be 2 tanks (homogenisation, and curing/storage) for plants up to 500 l/h, or 3 tanks (homogenisation, curing, and storage) for larger sizes.

At the end of the polymer preparation operations, the solution, ranging from 0.1% to 1%, is ready to be dosed in the process.

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Pitched Blade Agitator

It is widely used in a broad range of applications due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Within Water Treatment, pitched blade impellers are perfect for polyelectrolyte preparation and maturation, primary neutralization and pH adjustment.

It can be manufactured with different diameters, 200 to 2000 mm.

A completely disassemblable option is available as well, to ease the entering through the tank manhole.


Other typical application