Dry powder feeders

VG100 volumetric feeding screw powder feeders

In many industrial sectors, powdery, liquid or granulated products must be added to the liquid to be treated in a tank equipped with an agitator. In these cases, volumetric dosing is certainly the solution that guarantees the best performance and best value.

PRO-DO-MIX®, ever since its foundation, has manufactured volumetric powder feeders and has a wide range of solutions suitable for any production need.

Volumetric feeder with powder mixer

The VG100 volumetric powder feeder has been designed for the dosing of all powdery, granulated or fibrous products, guaranteeing accurate, consistent dosing at both small and medium flow rates.

Each feeder is made up of a motor and gearbox with chain drive, and also has an internal bridge breaker, designed to break any blocks caused by contact between powder and moisture.


> Compact size;

> Bridge breaker available;

> Parts in contact with powder made of SS 304L.

Each PRO-DO-MIX® feeder consists of:

FEEDING SCREW: positioned near the bottom, the screw is designed for complete emptying of the hopper.

A wide range of feeding screws with different pitch and diameter dimensions is available.

BRIDGE BREAKER: a critically important tool to obtain homogeneous products, avoiding the formation of “bridges” typical of powder batching.

HOPPER: The standard model has 4 inclined walls to help product sliding.

Available capacities:
> 30 litres
> 50 litres
> 100 litres


PRO-DO-MIX® offers some customisable upgrades to make each volumetric powder feeder even better performing:

> MANUAL VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE: allows a variation of the flow rate in real time in a range from 1 to 5 proportionally to the maximum flow rate of the feeder;

> MOTOR WITH PTC SENSORS: an extra optional device, able to guarantee even more accurate powder feeding thanks to the motor power supply with frequency inverter;

> CAPACITIVE LEVEL SENSOR FOR HOPPER to be connected to the electrical control panel;

> CHUTE HEATER: requires the installation of a 30W @ 24Vdc resistance and a thermostat on the outlet pipe, to help the drying of the powder, avoiding the formation of lumps.

03 04 05 13 14
VG100V / .. 0.7 ÷ 3.7 3 ÷ 17 12 ÷ 65 19 ÷ 100 50 ÷ 260
VG100F / .. 2.8 13 50 75 205

(*) Theoretical flow rates in l/h

Typical applications

Preparation of polymers

Preparation of polymers

The polymer preparation phase is a fundamental preliminary step for the correct [...]

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