Cutting-edge Technologies for Vertical Agitators

The selection and proper sizing of vertical agitators are crucial in industrial processes and can lead to significant improvements in production efficiency. To provide the customer with the best solution, three elements are essential: highly skilled engineers, industry expertise, and innovative technologies.

At PRO-DO-MIX®, we can rely on all these aspects because we consistently invest in innovation, ensuring the presence of specialized professionals and advanced 3D design and simulation software. This, combined with our two decades of experience in manufacturing agitators, allows us to deliver excellent and reliable products to our customers.

Our Design Software

The design of an agitator begins with the study of fluid dynamics. To achieve this, we leverage various design software tools, some of which  developed in-house.


The initial tool in our arsenal is A.P.P.L.E., a proprietary software designed for water treatment and purification, developed based on industry expertise. By inputting specific data into the program, the customer can quickly find the optimal solution – in terms of energy consumption and price – for their application. Our software is accessible to engineering and design firms and anyone operating in the industrial sector needing autonomous agitator sizing. The immediate output it provides is extremely useful for tender specifications.


For all other sectors – chemical, food, mining, sugar, oil & gas we’ve developed an exclusive in-house software. This software combines field experience and data directly collected with advanced fluid dynamics and mechanical analysis. The software can address any scenario in the field of industrial agitation, correlating impellers, motor power, rotation speed, customer-supplied tank drawings, and all process data. In the hands of our mechanical and process engineers, this program accurately provides information, parameters, and technical specifications to establish the working parameters of the agitator.

3D Modeling and Simulations

All PRO-DO-MIX® agitators undergo 3D modeling examinations. Using dedicated software, we conduct fluid dynamics and mechanical simulations to refine the product.

CFD SIMULATION (Computational Fluid Dynamics) with Ansys FLUENT

CFD simulation, also known as Computational Fluid Dynamics or computational fluid analysis, is a computer-assisted engineering tool. With Ansys FLUENT, we simulate and predict fluid movements within a tank during mixing, considering detailed aspects such as tank geometry, impeller dimensions and positions, and fluid characteristics. When utilized correctly, CFD allows us to avoid building prototypes – saving time and money, eliminate design errors, and anticipate and resolve potential process issues.

FEM ANALYSIS (Finite Element Method) with Ansys Mechanical

The Finite Element Method (FEM) or Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a numerical analysis technique used to verify the mechanical strength of agitator parts subjected to process-induced loads. Similar to fluid dynamics studies, we utilize Ansys, a widely used software in these sectors. This approach enables us to optimize the characteristics of mechanical components (blade thickness, reinforcement rib thickness, shafts, etc.), preventing future issues related to stress, deformation, vibration, and minimizing the likelihood of breakages.

In the hands of qualified individuals, these technologies are powerful tools. As a result, at PRO-DO-MIX®, we can design effective, reliable, and durable agitators with an optimal balance of quality, efficiency, and price.