PRO-DO-MIX® provides innovation, reliability, and excellence to the agitation technology sector.

Our clients always come first. Our company’s solidity has allowed us to acquire numerous distributors in Europe, Africa, and Asia.
In particular, we have partnered with companies based in Belgium and Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Egypt, Finland, Qatar, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Our presence on the market allows us to ensure:

  • Geographical proximity
  • In-depth knowledge of the territory and manufacturing needs
  • Design of customised solutions
  • Prompt technical support and maintenance services

We carefully select every PRO-DO-MIX® distributor to ensure the highest level of professionalism and service. We base our choice on technology, specialisation, and technical expertise.

Choose your nearest PRO-DO-MIX® distributor. Trust our specialists to get the best dosing and mixing solution!

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