Privacy Policy



Pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter “GDPR”) and current national legislation on the protection of personal data, , as Data Controller, this information notice is required to be given to the natural persons, Data Subjects, who request to be informed about the services provided by PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale.

1. Data controller – The data controller is PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale, with registered office in Via I Strada, 5 35026 Conselve - (Padova) Italy, Tax Code and VAT no. IT 04577470281, tel +39 049 9501368, fax +39 049 9501638, e-mail info@prodomix.it, website prodomix.com.

2. Type of data processed – The personal data processed is collected directly from the data subjects through a specific registration function available on the site of PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale. This common information is personal data (surname and first name, etc) and contact details (telephone number, email address, etc). PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale does not process any “sensitive” or “private” data (see article 9 of the GDPR), if need be, prior consent will be requested.

The processing of data for each of the purposes indicated below may be carried out in paper, automated or electronic form and, in particular, by ordinary post or email, telephone (e.g. automated calls, SMS, MMS), fax and any other computer channel (e.g. websites, mobile apps).

3. Purposes, legal basis for processing and obligation for data provision – PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale processes the personal data provided for the following purposes:

a) for purposes closely related and instrumental to the management and execution of customer relations, such as the management and execution of the contract, the assistance provided in relation to the services of PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale (e.g. acquisition of information prior to the conclusion of a contract, provision of services, management of requests for development, etc). The provision of personal data for these purposes and its processing is necessary to the extent that customer employees and contractors deem it necessary to provide it to PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale to ensure the effectiveness of pre-contractual activities, supply and support carried out by PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale itself. Such processing operations shall not require the consent of the data subject. The legal basis for processing is the need to perform the contract concluded with PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale.

b) commercial information, offer of services from PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale; the provision of personal data for such purposes is not obligatory and the relative processing requires the consent of the data subjects. Failure to provide consent will not affect the satisfaction of Your requests being met but will make it impossible for the Data Controller to send you marketing communications; the legal basis of the processing is identified in the consent provided by you;

c) to process personal data in the possession of the Data Controller relating to preferences and usage habits of the services provided; it is in fact in the interest of the Data Controller to offer specifically identified services and thus respond to current and future customer needs; the provision of data for this purpose is not obligatory and its processing requires the data subjects’ consent. Failure to provide consent will prevent the Data Controller from identifying the services suitable to his expressed needs, the legal basis for the processing is identified in the consent provided by you;

d) to communicate the data to companies linked or connected to PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale, as well as to partner companies of the company belonging to the related sectors, that will be able to process the data to send commercial and/or promotional communications on products and services from the aforementioned companies, as well as to carry out market research (“Third Party Marketing”). The processing of data for each of the above purposes may be carried out in the manner provided for with the consent of the data subject.

4. Categories for recipients of personal data: personal data, within the limits and for the purposes indicated, may be communicated or come to the knowledge of and therefore be processed by:

A. employees of PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale who are expressly appointed (marketing, technical, etc);

B. consultants of PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale, companies that provide computer services (website management, internet services, etc) possibly in their capacity as external controllers,

C. subjects who can access the data by virtue of the law, or EU legislation, within the limits provided for by law;

The complete list of recipients is available at the registered office of the Data Controller.

5. Data retention period: The personal data in question is processed for a maximum of 2 years.

6. Transfer of data to abroad: The data is processed exclusively within the European Economic Area (EEA).

7. Automated decision-making: Automated decision-making is excluded.

8. Rights of the data subjects: The Data Controller informs that, with reference to the data provided, the natural persons who operate in the name and on behalf of the Customers of PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale have the following rights:

A. of access (article 15 of the Regulations);

B. of rectification or cancellation of personal data (articles 16 and 17 of the Regulations);

C. of limitation of the processing (article 18 of the Regulations);

D. of opposition to the processing (article 21 of the Regulations);

E. of portability of electronic data subject to automated processing (article 20 of the Regulations);

F. of filing a complaint with the supervisory authority – Privacy Guarantor (article 77 of the Regulations).

G. of withdrawal of consent (pursuant to article 7 of the Regulations)

9. Contact information: for any clarification and to exercise their rights, data subjects may contact the Data Controller by writing to

PRO-DO-MIX® Srl Unipersonale Via I Strada, 5 35026 Conselve - (Padova) Italy

or by writing an email to: info@prodomix.it