Ceramic mining and concrete


Operating in the ceramic industry, in mining, or in concrete processing often involves having to deal with the storage of slurry, ceramic slips and ceramic glaze: PRO-DO-MIX® can help professionals find the right equipment for any processing requirements.

Thanks to the use of industry-leading mechanical design processes and technologies, PRO-DO-MIX®, working side by side with industry experts including designers and engineers, has succeeded in replacing the old gate mixers with innovative vertical agitators capable of combining top-level performance, superior energy efficiency and a well balanced cost-efficiency.

We at PRO-DO-MIX® have created an entire dedicated product line for the ceramic, mining and concrete industries, specifically designed for continuous mixing of high viscosity fluids: come and find out about our SilverLine and all the available models and their technical specifications.

Technical range

  • Installed power: 1,5 ÷ 45 kW
  • Operation: geared motor, pneumatic or hydraulic drive
  • Mounting: IEC motor flange, square base plate, welded house bearing, DN flange PN10/16, ASME flange 150 / 300 lb
  • Bearing: with or without extra bearing
  • Shaft seal: radial seal (lip seal), packing seal, labyrinth seal, single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal
  • Shaft: solid bar, seamless pipe, Ø 20 ÷ 270 mm, for length >6 in more parts flanged
  • Impellers: size and type depend on the Customer’s process
  • Option: bottom support bearing to stabilize the shaft
  • Moc: carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, SAF2205, SAF2507, different lining
  • Typical installations

  • heavy slurry mixing and storage
  • ceramic slip preparation
  • ceramic glaze preparation
  • cement grout storage
  • solvent extraction
  • mud agitator
  • leaching tanks
  • precipitation tanks
  • mixing tanks
  • Mining slurry

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