Think big
to go further

We love what we do and we always try to improve ourselves.
That is the only way to point excellence.

Roberto Voltan, CEO

Our know-how
at your service

Thanks to our technical expertise as well as an in-depth knowledge of mechanics and fluid-dynamics, we have developed a complete range of impellers in order to fulfil every mixing process.

◎    High-efficiency
◎    Low power consumption
◎    High flow rate
◎    Improved performance

Our goal,
your solution

Based on a deep understanding of our customers' needs, PRO-DO-MIX aim to create and offer smart, reliable, efficient and durable mixing solutions.

Focus on the customer

It is all about the customer. Therefore, the needs of each and every customer take the priority. For PRO-DO-MIX, listening to the customer and answering to all enquiries is the way.

Quality throughout

All of PRO-DO-MIX's facilities, equipments and activities are developed in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 Certification and are subjected to annual inspection and approval.

Experience worldwide

We have developed a wide international working experience. We supply our equipment in several countries worldwide, providing our solutions with different industries to different kinds of customer.

Select your
Vertical Agitators

A.P.P.L.E is our proprietary software for vertical agitator selection, very simple to use, conceived to enable all users to size the most suitable agitator according to their application needs, just by providing tank and process data.
Thanks to our up-to-date database A.P.P.L.E can suggest a mixing custom-cut solution real-time.