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We design and manufacture high-quality and certified products and solutions for mixing and dosing, covering all applications in several industries. We are also Chemineer (NOV) approved distributor in Italy.


We offer a wide range of mixing solutions to meet the different needs of every industry: wastewater treatment, ceramic, mining and concrete mixing, chemical processing, oil and gas processing, sugar production.

Industrial wastewater

We are specialized in mixing solutions for industrial wastewater applications, where vertical agitators are essential to carry out the preparation of several reagents and enable their integration in the main process.

Municipal wastewater

Our vertical agitators can be used throughout the municipal wastewater treatment process to treat the waste and remove chemical and biological contaminants prior to discharging into the environment.

Select your
Vertical Agitators

A.P.P.L.E is our proprietary software for vertical agitator selection, very simple to use, conceived to enable all users to size the most suitable agitator according to their application needs, just by providing tank and process data.
Thanks to our up-to-date database A.P.P.L.E can suggest a mixing custom-cut solution real-time.

Our know-how
at your service

Thanks to our expertise, we have developed a complete range of agitators to fulfill all mixing tasks. Every agitator can be supplied with certification according to the Directive 2014/34/EU-ATEX. The complete range is also TR CU certified and can be manufactured with food grade finishing, in compliance with 1935/2004/EC Regulation.

  Low power consumption
  High flow rate
  Improved performance

Our goal,
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Based on a deep understanding of our customers' needs, PRO-DO-MIX aim to create and offer smart, reliable, efficient and durable mixing solutions.

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"We love what we do and we always try to improve ourselves.
That is the only way to point excellence."

Roberto Voltan, CEO