Mixing: Our experience,<br />your success
Mixing: Our experience,
your success

Are dosing and mixing key processes for your business?

We at PRO-DO-MIX® have been designing and implementing tailor-made solutions capable of guaranteeing maximum reliability and efficiency for more than 20 years.


A solution must not be just fit for the purpose: at PRO-DO-MIX®, we aim for excellence and total customer satisfaction. This is why we offer mixing solutions that are efficient, reliable and smart.

Reliability: our trademark

Chemicals, Oil&Gas, wastewater treatment plants: these are just a few of the market sectors where our products are used every day. We are vertical agitators specialists – every day, we provide solutions designed around the specific process requirements submitted by our customers.

Typical applications

Since 2000, PRO-DO-MIX® means excellence in vertical agitators. We have designed and created effective and customized solutions for numerous applications in the field of industrial mixing, ranging from the most common to the specific needs of each sector.   Below, you can discover some of the application fields of our vertical agitators.

Are you looking for a different solution?

Tell us your needs and we will create a tailor-made solution for you

PRO-DO-MIX®: Your partner of excellence for agitation technologies

A cornerstone of our company, production is the most essential of our activities. From research to field testing, our daily work is based on an all-round design effort.

Anyone who works in the field knows how essentially important the dosing of powders is in every industrial process. To meet these needs, we at PRO-DO-MIX® have developed a range of products for volumetric dosing.

Creating the perfect agitator is our goal in tackling all the challenges that we accept. Thousands of processed orders have helped us build unparalleled know-how that makes us the standard-setters in the industry.