Chemical preparation

Agitators for chemical preparations

The preparation of chemical products involves a great variety of processes, which is why it is often essential to create customised solutions to suit each customer’s needs.

If, for the simplest uses in the water treatment field, it is enough to equip the agitator with a plastic tank, the level of plant complexity in the industrial and Oil&Gas sectors often requires agitators equipped with dedicated flanges for perfect sealing (DN or ASME type) equipped with Lip Seals to contain vapours or mechanical seals for use with pressure tanks.

Thanks to partnerships with many companies specialised in the construction of dosing skids, PRO-DO-MIX® can boast a wide range of customised vertical agitators suitable for any type of reagent preparation.

Some examples can be found in the gallery.

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Pitched Blade Agitator

It is widely used in a broad range of applications due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Within Water Treatment, pitched blade impellers are perfect for polyelectrolyte preparation and maturation, primary neutralization and pH adjustment.

It can be manufactured with different diameters, 200 to 2000 mm.

A completely disassemblable option is available as well, to ease the entering through the tank manhole.



Helical Blade Mixer

This helical type impeller is very versatile, generally installed in fast direct mixers. Very common in small preparations of chemicals.

It is manufactured from casting in proprietary moulds.

It can be manufactured with different diameters, 90 to 160 mm diameter.

Available in 2 material options, polypropylene (PP) and stainless steel (SS 316L).


Other typical application