Polyelectrolyte preparation: PRO-DO-MIX® stations

Agitators for polypreparators

Polyelectrolyte preparation: PRO-DO-MIX® stations

PRO-DO-MIX® manufactures polyelectrolyte preparation units, a system generally used in sludge thickening plants or more generally in the water treatment industry.
Our polypreparers allow the preparation of diluted polymer starting from both concentrated liquid (concentrations available on the market from 40 to 70%) and powder (both anionic and cationic); the most demanding customers request production to start from both types. The diluted product concentration can be set by the customer from 0.1 to 0.5% when starting from liquid, or from 0.1 to 1% when starting from powder.

Technical characteristics and pluses of polyelectrolyte preparation units

The preparation stations can be customised according to the amount of sludge to be treated: the powder is dosed through a feeding screw, which can be customised if necessary with an anti-condensation heater to avoid polymerization of the product inside the feeder chute.
As for the liquid product, it is fed through a piston dosing pump, or by means of a single screw pump upon specific request.

Tanks for polyelectrolyte preparation: materials and capacities available

The tanks of the polyelectrolyte preparation units can be made of polypropylene or SS304 and produced in two different versions – designed according to the quantity of sludge to be treated: compact with two tanks (dilution, curing/storage) for outputs up to 500 l/h, standard with three tanks (dilution, curing, and storage) for larger outputs.

Production has been made completely automatic thanks to management from an electromechanical panel; versions with a PLC, or without a panel, can only be built on request.

Customised polyelectrolyte preparation stations for special requirements

Thanks to in-house production, we are able to offer special versions of our polypreparers, designed according to specific needs of our customers.
Some of our customisations include: compliance with given vendor lists, Atexmarked components, use of specific instrumentation (e.g. ultrasonic level or HART instrumentation), non-standard threads or flanges, exhaust manifolds, dosing pumps for the prepared products possibly including dosing skids.

All PRO-DO-MIX® polyelectrolyte preparation units are CE marked and the relevant logo is stamped on the machine data plate.
The technical file is available for reference at our office: the person authorised to share the file is Mr. Roberto Voltan.

Typical applications

Preparation of polymers

Preparation of polymers

The polymer preparation phase is a fundamental preliminary step for the correct [...]

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