Mining slurry

Heavy sludge agitators

The slurry resulting from mining activities can reach a density of up to 2 t/m3 and is often conveyed into tanks and/or basins with dimensions up to hundreds of m3.
To stop slurry from settling at the bottom and to keep the corners of the tank clean, vertical agitators are installed, designed for 24/7 operation and heavy-duty sizing.
Our typical installation includes agitators made of AISI304 steel, or possibly, according to individual needs, of carbon steel. Most of the time we install 3PM-0030 impellers with high efficiency and increased thicknesses compared to the standard, since many times, abrasion in these sectors has a considerable impact. Very often, several levels of impellers are installed.
Browse the gallery and discover some of our installations of mining slurry agitators.

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Impellers with high hydrodynamic profile

Three-blade impeller with high hydrodynamic profile. It is the “evolution” of Hurricane. Its internal velocity gradient, constant from the centre to the edge of the blade, allows the positioning of an impeller with large diameter very close to the bottom of the tank. That makes Evolution perfect for applications that require the mixer’s continuous operation during the total draw-off of the tank.

It can be manufactured with different diameters, 1650 to 3500 mm.

A completely disassemblable option is available as well, to ease the entering through the tank manhole.


Other typical application