Core Features

Focus on the customer

It is all about the customer. Therefore, the needs of each and every customer take the priority. For PRO-DO-MIX, listening to the customer and answering to all enquiries is the way.

Solution oriented

Problem solving is our vocation. We have developed a double-track method of handling all mixing tasks: our offer is based on one hand on a range of standardized industrial tank mixers, on the other hand on custom-cut configurations, in order to cover a broad range of applications. To each customer, the best mixing solution.

Our knowledge, your advantage

We make sure that our mixing knowledge, where experience and innovation coexist, is made available to our customers. Thanks to our expertise we are keen to offer the best mixing solution as well as prompt technical assistance.

High quality of raw materials

We take the maximum care in choosing our suppliers based on the quality of components and raw materials. All manufacturing details are worth considering: at PRO-DO-MIX’s, nothing is left to chance.

Environmental friendly

Being “green” is not only a choice nowadays. It is a call of duty. Hence we embrace this cause throughout our company activities by rationalising electricity, waste management and recycling. We have chosen low emissions cars for our vehicle fleet. Also engineering cares for energy saving: our impellers are designed to achieve the highest mixing performances with the lowest power consumption.

Cost effectiveness

Quality is our main purpose, but also price matters. Therefore, we tackle the challenge to offer our customers top quality products with very competitive prices.

Think big
to go further

"We love what we do and we always try to improve ourselves.
That is the only way to point excellence."

Roberto Voltan, CEO