NOV agitators – Robbin & Myers

We take pride in the partnership between PRO-DO-MIX and NOV / Chemineer, giant in the world of mixing since 1952 in several industries (oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer/plastic, etc.)

Since 2014 PRO-DO-MIX have been approved distributor of NOV / Chemineer, Robbin and Myers products within the Italian market, aiming to offer the best quality standard and covering a wide range of applications.

Taking advantage of their state-of-the-art engineering knowledge and long-standing experience, Chemineer / NOV provide advanced agitation systems characterised by high efficiency and inimitable quality.

NOV products include Chemineer top- and side-entry agitators, Kenics static mixers and heat exchangers, Greerco colloid mills and high shear homogenisers and many others.

All of these products can be ATEX certified and FDA approved.

Some reasons to partner with Chemineer / NOV:

  • Long-standing experience in several key markets
  • Leading and pace-making technology in mixing
  • Energy efficient mixer designs
  • Broad application know-how and substantial references worldwide
  • Global presence and support