Who we are

We are what we do: PRO-DO-MIX means Production, Dosing and Mixing.


It is not by chance that this word stands at the beginning of our name: manufacturing is the core of our company and the most essential of our activities.


Even if we are increasingly specializing ourselves in industrial agitators, volumetric dry feeders have always been one of our lead products. Dosing powder is often necessary in industrial processes. Hence, we have developed a range of standard products for micro-dosing.


Designing and manufacturing agitators have been our vocation since the very beginning. We take pride in our ability to meet all process requirements and to offer the right mixer fitting customers’ application needs. We aim to be on the edge of mixing technologies.

Flexibility and Dynamism have always been PRO-DO-MIX’s keys to success. Our approach is based on the listening to the customer and on the analysis and deep understanding of their needs and process requirements.

Thanks to our experience as well as the skills in mechanics and fluid dynamics, we aim to provide the best arrangement to meet each application need.

Technical expertise and technological implementation have enabled the success of PRO-DO-MIX products in different fields, expanding beyond the Water Treatment industry:

  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Soil Washing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical & Plastics
  • Paper
  • Paintings & Coatings
  • Ceramic
  • Mining
  • Concrete
  • Food & Beverage
  • Sugar


We rely on our flexibility and dynamism to reach sustainable growth. We engage actively and with passion for technological innovation. We drive constant improvement in what we do to point excellence.


Integrity, Independence and Accountability. We love transparency and doing what is right, the right way. We make all of our decisions freely and independently. We do not accept bribery or corruption.

Non-Discrimination. People first. At PRO-DO-MIX’s, no discrimination of race, colour, sex, language, religion, culture, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status is allowed.

Human & Environment Security First. We do share responsibility in order to make our working environment safe and healthy for the sake of human security and sustainable development, in compliance with National, European and International rules as well as common sense.

Teamwork. We are convinced that We is stronger than I. We organize our activities sharing responsibilities, decisions, efforts and successes. Co-operation, interdependence and complementarity of our company structure make us responsive, dynamic and efficient.

International Approach. We are aware of the benefits and criticalities of globalisation, open-minded towards an increasingly complex, multicultural and multinational scenario and well-equipped to tackle the challenges of working on the international market.

Think big
to go further

"We love what we do and we always try to improve ourselves.
That is the only way to point excellence."

Roberto Voltan, CEO