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NOV chemineer

Since 2014 PRO-DO-MIX® has established a profitable partnership with NOV/Chemineer, becoming an authorised distributor for the Italian market of the mixing industry giant – which since 1952 has designed and manufactured products for applications in the Oil&Gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and other sectors.

With its state-of-the-art engineering knowledge and solid experience, NOV/Chemineer provides advanced, durable agitation system solutions with unmatched efficiency.

The NOV product range includes:

> Chemineer top and side entry agitators;

> Kenics static mixers;

> Heat exchangers;

> Greerco colloid mills;

> High shear homogenizers.

The pluses offered by NOV/Chemineer, which has been a global market leader for over 60 years, are many:

>Many years of experience in several key markets;

>Cutting-edge mixing technology;

>Design of high energy efficiency mixers;

>Extensive application know-how and substantial references from around the world;

>Global presence and support.

Patented designs and element geometries, aimed to maximize the conversion of the flow energy into efficient mixing, top quality materials of construction, easy maintenance and widespread customer service for quick technical support and spares supply have given as a result the leadership of Kenics in motionless mixing, focusing on excellent operating efficiency and overall cost saving.
Kenics heat exchangers are the most efficient heat exchangers available today. Their thermal units composed of streamlined static mixer elements ensure the maximum transfer rate for fast and uniform heat transfer, even with high viscosities, requiring limited space, energy and time.
Kenics’ primacy is witnessed by the thousands of static mixers, inline mixers for water treatment, and heat exchangers installed worldwide in a great number of applications and industries: water and waste water, oil & gas, chemicals, mining, as well as polymers, plastics, pulp and paper, food and beverage biotechnology, paintings and adhesives, etc.

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