In addition to Chemineer side entry gear driven agitators, with Prochem NOV can also offer a range of belt driven side entry agitators.

Prochem side entering mixers have satisfied critical mixing tasks worldwide for over 60 years with field proven performance, application versatility, optimal mixing efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Prochem belt driven agitators have been engineered for demanding, heavy duty applications in pulp and paper, flue gas desulphurisation (FGD), bio fuel, petroleum blending and storage, etc. They can provide reliable long life operation, versatility and economical maintenance.

Prochem includes PB and MD models. PB features a belt driven design that incorporates a pillow block bearing configuration, resulting in cost-effective solution and easy maintenance. MD agitators combine a belt driven design with an innovative bearing cartridge configuration able to protect the bearings from the process fluids.


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