In sugar industry, vacuum evaporation is used in the crystallization of sucrose solutions.

The fluid to be mixed is massecuite, maximum specific gravity 1,5 kg/dm3, maximum viscosity 32,000 cPs; the dimension of the sugar crystals is 0,5-1,00 mm.

During the campaign, from August to November, in the operation period (when the factory start the sugar production) the temperature on the upper part of the vacuum pan is +40 to +60°C. In that case, it is recommended to install a standard motor with forced drive fan, so that fresh go from the special tube directly to the fan.

During non-operating period, the temperature could drop to -30 °C (in winter, with the sugar factory closed).

PRO-DO-MIX have installed a GPC.D5171.A.490 / SCXY.

The mixers’ drive unit is composed of a 45 kW motor and a bevel gearbox. The units are run with frequency converter (VSD). They have been manufactured with a 3PM-1084 high efficiency impeller, diameter 1700 mm. The impeller rotates very near to the wall of a tube, in order to increase the transfer rate.

Since the shaft is very heavy, it has been manufactured in 2 pieces to ease installation and maintenance operations.

A lip seal was included in the design to prevent gas leakage.

YEAR: 2012 - 2015
VOLUME: 50 m3
IMPELLER: 3PM1084 Excellent