ACR Vertical Agitator

Wastewater Flocculation Tank Mixer

PRO-DO-MIX® ACR agitator is specially designed to ensure high flow rate with gentle mixing. It perfectly fits waste water applications, especially primary and secondary flocculation, thanks to the design of our 2PM-0650 Premium 2-blade high-efficiency impeller that grants several advantages and benefits compared to other flocculation systems (e.g. turbine agitator, gate impeller agitator):

  • high-efficiency design: our ACR model allows to reduce installed power compared to other flocculation systems (e.g. turbine agitator, gate impeller agitator)
  • high hydrodynamic profile thanks to the wide blade surface
  • high flow rate at low peripheral speed
  • it creates bottom-up flow, to allow the suspension and growth of the flocs and therefore correct and efficient flocculation process
  • it prevents the fluid coming out from one blade to immediately meet the second blade: that avoids the breakup of the flocs already formed
  • light and simple mechanical construction: no mechanical stress; easy installation.

For optimal performance in primary flocculation, our ACR agitator can be used with frequency inverter to regulate the output speed.


ModelKwrpmØ D mmL maxi mm