Impeller type
Motor power
0,37 ÷ 3
Output speed
4 ÷ 40
Impeller Ø
1400 ÷ 2200
Max shaft length
Max weight

PRO-DO-MIX® vertical agitator BCR is the perfect solution for all applications where you need a mild agitation with an high flow rate in every industrial application with big fluid volume.

Thanks to its design with coaxial gearbox and impeller with diameter up to 2200 mm, BCR is the perfect agitator to absolve to primary and secondary floculation, guaranteeing a soft and high flow rate.

The BCR mounts an impeller 2PM-0650 Premium, designed specially for flocculation: thanks to its two blades with wide surfaces and high hydrodinamic profile it is possible to guarantee an high flow rate with a peripheral speed lower than 2 m/s.

To choose BCR agitators for plants with big volumes is with no doubt the most efficient choice: the design of the agitator and its impeller allow to reduce the installed power compared to other solutions for flocculation.

Model KW RPM Ø D mm L maxi mm
BCR.05142 0,55 20 1400 4200
BCR.05161 0,55 19 1600 4200
BCR.05181 0,55 15 1800 3600
BCR.05202 0,55 13 2000 4100
BCR.07141 0,75 26 1400 3700
BCR.07142 0,75 27 1400 4200
BCR.07221 0,75 12 2200 4000
BCR.11141 1,1 29 1400 3200
BCR.11143 1,1 31 1400 4200
BCR.11166 1,1 27 1600 4200
BCR.11182 1,1 19 1800 3600
BCR.11202 1,1 17 2000 3600
BCR.15182 1,5 25 1800 3100
BCR.15201 1,5 21 2000 2600
The data indicated are not binding, PRO-DO-MIX® could change them at any time

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    2PM-0650 PREMIUM

    Flocculation Mixer

    Flocculant mixing system with two-blade impeller. Thanks to its high hydrodynamic profile with wide blade surface, has the highest flow rate at the lowest peripheral speed. This design is aimed to prevent the fluid coming out from one blade to immediately meet the second blade.

    Therefore, it is perfect when managing very delicate applications, where the fluid needs to be handled very gently and carefully. That is why Premium is specific for flocculation.

    It can be manufactured with different diameters, 800 to 3000 mm.

    A completely disassemblable option is available as well, to ease the entering through the tank manhole.

    2PM-0650 PREMIUM