Agitators for Wastewater Treatment and Reagent Preparation in a Steel Plant in Uzbekistan

We engineered 11 vertical agitators for industrial wastewater treatment and chemical products preparation in the Uzbekistan’s largest metallurgical industry project in Tashkent


Chemical reagents preparation and wastewater treatment are delicate and fundamental stages in steel plants. Wastewater from metallurgical industries is often contaminated with heavy metals and chemical elements, making it highly polluting. At the same time, to ensure the efficiency and safety of processes, chemicals dosage and mixing are crucial.


Today, we take you to the metallurgical plant in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, dedicated to cold-rolled products. The plant produces 500,000 tons of products annually and complies with the strictest emission regulations and highest energy efficiency standards.


Supplying vertical agitators for steel plants is always a complex challenge, as you can read in the success story of a steel plant in Argentina. However, in this case, the geographical location added further complexity due to the high temperature variations.


The PRO-DO-MIX® Solution: 11 agitators for wastewater treatment and chemicals preparation in the Tashkent steel plant


Steel plant wastewater contains high percentages of processing residues, such as iron and steel flakes, necessitating special anti-abrasion agitators. Additionally, the Tashkent plant operates 24/7, 365 days a year. In the purification tanks we installed 8 agitators with industrial parallel shaft reducers with an AGMA factor > 2, designed to prevent steel flakes settling. We coated all components in contact with the liquid with Ebonite: a hard rubber material resistant to continuous contact with suspended steel flakes in water.


Chemical reagents, on the other hand, are used for various purposes, including metal melting, impurity removal, chemical composition control, and plant protection. The success of a chemical reaction depends on many factors, including the speed and quality of mixing. Hence, it’s critical to design the right agitator and impeller.


For the Tashkent plant, we also provided agitators for the polyelectrolyte preparation, lime milk, ferric chloride, and Cleaning In Place (CIP). You can read another example of PRO-DO-MIX® expertise in reagent preparation in the success story of the mega refinery in Duqm, Oman.


The agitators we supplied, all certified with EAC certification for Russia and the Eurasian market, are designed and built to withstand extreme climatic conditions. In the Tashkent region, temperatures can range from a minimum of -40°C to a maximum of over +45°C.


If you are seeking a customized solution for wastewater treatment and reagent preparation in steel plants, you can rely on PRO-DO-MIX® experience and success stories. 


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