2000 m3 basin equalisation in the Netherlands

It is a concrete built basin, with a 18 m diameter and 8 m height, and with a flat bottom. The liquid level varies from 3 to 7.5 m. The fluid consists of activated sludge, coming from different wastewater treatment plants. The goal is to equalise the sludge before it reaches the filter press.
The average percentage of dry solids is 6%, while the settling rate of the sludge is (SVI) > 80 l/kg.
The system proposed by PRO-DO-MIX® includes two vertical agitators installed in the same tank, model BEL.A1245.Q.740/S.
The agitator control unit consists of an 11 kW motor and an industrial series planetary gearbox.
The agitators have been built with a 7,400 mm long single-piece shaft and a high-efficiency three-blade impeller with a diameter of 2,400 mm. All parts in contact with the liquid are in AISI304 steel.
A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was carried out by an independent engineering company, in order to validate and certify our solution for the end customer. The actual performance of the agitators in operation, with a power density of 9 w/m3, confirmed the result of the CFD analysis.

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Giranti con alto profilo idrodinamico

Il gradiente di velocità interno della girante Evolution è costante dal centro fino all’esterno della pala.
Questo tipo di girante permette l’installazione di una girante con un grande diametro molto vicino al fondo del serbatoio.

Questo rende Evolution perfetta per applicazioni che richiedano un funzionamento in continuo dell’agitatore, anche durante lo svuotamento del serbatoio.


Diametri disponibili da 1650 a 3500 mm

Disponibile una versione smontabile in 3 parti


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