Vertical agitators for chemical reagent preparation at the Duqm mega refinery in Oman

How we built a vertical agitator plant for chemical reagent preparation in the largest Oil & Gas storage facility in the Middle East


An area of more than 900 hectares, 30 processing units to produce more than 20 different petroleum and petrochemical products, investments of more than $15 billion and a capacity of 230,000 barrels per day: this is the project of the Duqm refinery in Oman, to which PRO-DO-MIX contributed through the supply of vertical agitators for the preparation of the various reagents that are essential for the proper operation of plants of this type.   


The reagents preparation by blending for refining is a strategic activity in the Oil & Gas sector. In the case of the Duqm refinery, the main challenges were threefold: the much higher than standard volumes and quantities involved, the extreme reliability required by this type of plant – operating continuously for up to 5 years – and the very high standards demanded by the customer from an engineering point of view.


The PRO-DO-MIX solution: 11 vertical agitators, 1 volumetric feeder and 2 static mixers for chemical reagent preparation in refineries 


For the Duqm refinery in Oman, we installed 11 vertical agitators for reagent preparation, one volumetric powder batcher and two static mixers, all certified for ATEX zone 2G IIB T4. The agitators were installed in various tanks for the preparation, maturation and storage of both anionic and cationic polyelectrolyte and in tanks for the preparation and storage of reagents typical of the refinery world (biocide, antifoam, antifouling). To ensure optimal preparation of the polyelectrolyte from powder we installed a volumetric batcher. In the preparation from liquid, we provided a static mixer for dissolving the concentrated polyelectrolyte directly in line.


The project required a great deal of effort from the entire PRO-DO-MIX: Samsung Engineering and Britain’s Petrofac, jointly entrusted as the refinery’s EPC, imposed restrictive criteria and high standards at every stage, from engineering to the completion of the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).


To better and longer withstand the climatic and environmental factors of the location, all the external parts were painted with C5-M anti-corrosion procedure, which is suitable for coastal areas with high salinity and areas with very high humidity. 


Because of the very high engineering in the design, the level of technical specifications and insights required, the high performance and reliability of the plant, we believe this is our most important experience in Oil & Gas, despite the dozens of projects undertaken over the years.

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Girante con pale inclinate 45°

Questa girante, anche detta turbina, viene usata in un’ampia gamma di applicazioni grazie alla sua efficienza e i relativi costi-benefici. Ad esempio, nel trattamento delle acque, le turbine a pala inclinata sono perfette per la preparazione del polielettrolita, per la neutralizzazione primaria e per la correzione del pH.


Diametri disponibili da 200 a 2000 mm

Disponibile una versione smontabile in 2 e 4 parti


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