Recovering wastewater in steel mills with an ebonite-coated vertical agitator for abrasive sludge treatment

The customer’s need: to find a method for treatment and recovery of abrasive wastewater in steel mills by customized vertical anti-abrasive agitators;  


Wastewater handling in steel mills is as important as it is delicate. Steel mills and the iron and steel industry usually consume enormous amounts of water, especially for cooling and washing plants and yard runoff. Hence the need to recover this water and then store it, in addition to backwash water from sand filters, in large basins of various sizes for subsequent treatment.  


Our client, a steel mill in Argentina, was looking for a solution to treat the abrasive waters derived from washing the blast furnace, aprons, and washing points of the plant. These waters contain high amounts of processing slag dust and flakes of iron, steel, sand, and other metals-that require specific anti-abrasion agitators. In addition, our customer’s plant operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


The PRO-DO-MIX solution: an ebonite and abrasion-resistant agitator for abrasive sludge handling in steel mills 


To begin with, we chose a single agitator, model GEL.A8290.L.425/PCX, with an industrial planetary gearbox with an AGMA factor > 4. We were certain that this carbon steel agitator would perform its homogenization function excellently, but we were not 100% satisfied: abrasion due to metal flakes suspended in the water would shorten its life and require more maintenance with associated plant downtime.


Therefore, all parts of the agitator in contact with the liquid were coated with ebonite, an anti-abrasive rubber. In this way, we zeroed out maintenance costs and time, ensuring reliability and durability for the customer and offering a 5-year warranty with no spare parts.


Given the size of the system-the tank measures 11 x 9 x 4.5 m (W x D x H) with a maximum liquid level of 4.2 m and a continuous flow rate of 20,000 m3/h-we opted for a 2,900mm-diameter impeller, which, combined with the power of the agitator, ensures reliable operation even under stress.

To transport everything by sea, we built a special wooden crate of non-standard size.


If you are interested in ebonite-coated agitators for abrasive sludge treatment in the steel industry, you can count on PRO-DO-MIX’s experience and success stories.


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