Flocculation in Mexico

Primary Flocculation in Drinking Water Treatment Plant: Very Delicate Flocs

This is the PRO-DO-MIX® agitator model GCR.15202.Q.440, installed in a 65 m3 concrete tank.

The impeller diameter is 2000 mm, the agitator speed can be adjusted manually from 5 to 20 rpm. The engine power is 1.5 kW.

For a correct flocculation, the key conditions to be verified are:

  • Prevent flake breakage by using an impeller that ensures a high flow rate without generating turbulence.
  • A peripheral speed not exceeding 1.5 m/s (our flocculation impeller can reach 2 m/s without breaking the flakes).
  • Suspension of the flakes must be in the bottom to top direction, to help their growth.
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Flocculation Mixer

Flocculant mixing system with two-blade impeller. Thanks to its high hydrodynamic profile with wide blade surface, has the highest flow rate at the lowest peripheral speed. This design is aimed to prevent the fluid coming out from one blade to immediately meet the second blade.

Therefore, it is perfect when managing very delicate applications, where the fluid needs to be handled very gently and carefully. That is why Premium is specific for flocculation.

It can be manufactured with different diameters, 800 to 3000 mm.

A completely disassemblable option is available as well, to ease the entering through the tank manhole.


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